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Welcome to My First Blog!

Okay, I finally did it. While I would not describe myself as a conformist by any means, I have given into the “new age” and started this Blog. Why?

Well, I think the major reason is it seems easier to communicate all the information that I have to share with clients, business associates, friends, etc., in this type format. This is not to say that I will stop contacting you with a good old phone call, e-mail or traditional newsletter but I think that this might be another venue for those of you that have a few minutes to read ….I will try not to ramble to much.

I have been giving “advice to bosses” for over 15 years now as an HR Consultant so hence the name of the title of this blog.

The goal of this blog is to do just that…continue to give “advice” but here comes that legal stuff…. it is NOT to be construed as “legal advice”. Remember I am an HR Consultant and not an attorney.

And while I may not be an attorney I have had many attorneys tell me that I may be more in touch with employer/employee issues than they are since I live and breathe everyday with “real” employees and see “their side” as well as the employers.

I will be bringing those viewpoints and experiences to this blog to share and hopefully educate “the boss” on how to become a better employer even in the slippery slope of business and HR laws (especially here in California).

I also hope that “employees” will get something out of this and recognize that “the boss” has more challenges than you realize sometimes.

Of course, any viewpoints and experiences I share will be a synopsis of events and will not compromise any confidentiality entrusted to me by my clients and associates.

So in the days and weeks to come we look forward to sharing our HR stories with you……. whether it be the employee who showed up “high” but told you they had a prescription for medical marijuana to the employer that told his employees’ they were behind on production and could not use the restroom until they got their work done, I will feature a story, opinion or just a thought of the day…and hope you enjoy. …..Jaenene

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