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JR Consulting can also customize seminars based on your company needs in we do not already offer in the topics listed. Bi-lingual training available.

Training Locations

JR Consulting can bring any of the Workshops outlined above to the clients’ offices or designated location. These workshops will also be held during the year at various locations throughout Southern California. For specific dates and times, please contact JR Consulting.

Registration Requirements

JR Consulting requires at least 30 days advance registration for all courses offered. No walk-in registrations are permitted on day of course. All courses will require a 50% deposit when reservation is made. The remaining 50% or total amount of course must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the course date.

How to Register:
Call JR Consulting at 562-972-3817
E-Mail JR Consulting at

Cancellation Policy

In the event a client must cancel a training course, JR Consulting must receive a notification in writing (either by e-mail or letter) within 3 days of the date training is to commence. Cancellations made less than 3 days prior to the training date could be assessed administrative fees. JR Consulting would apply a portion of the initial deposit to cover these fees.

If the training has already started or is in progress when a client gives notice of cancellation JR Consulting will apply the deposit to any costs or expenses we have incurred to the point we receive the notice of cancellation and refund the difference.

In the case that the company has to postpone the training, JR Consulting will retain the deposit until the training is re-scheduled. If the postponement is going to be longer than 90 days, JR Consulting will refund the deposit.