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The experts at JR Consulting will provide customized solutions for your HR needs. JR Consulting is committed to tailoring their services to meet your needs and customized service proposals are available at no charge.

Following are some of the services that JR Consulting offers:

HR “Hotline”

The “HR Hotline” service provides you with access to a human resource consultant when you need one. Our Consultant will answer questions and work with you in providing strategic solutions to answer your HR related issues. This off-site service provides prompt and practical guidance via telephone, email or fax.

"The Report Card"

The “Report Card” is an HR Assessment of your current HR practices. The Assessment involves a thorough review of all aspects of an organization’s personnel policies and practices from recruiting to terminations. The Assessment is designed to identify policies and practices that should be modified to improve efficiency and avoid legal issues and liability. The Assessment results will provide you with solid information on what problems exist, if any, and a suggested priority for resolving them.

Some of the areas reviewed during the Assessment include:

  • Review of employee handbook(s), drug and alcohol program(s) and similar documents
  • Review of personnel forms such as applications, counseling forms, leave of absence forms, etc.
  • Review of payroll and pay related practices
  • Review of independent contractor relationships
  • Review of exempt/nonexempt employee classifications
  • Review of general wage and hour compliance
  • Review of safety practices

The Assessment begins with an initial client consultation to formulate and communicate the framework for the assessment. The Consultant would then conduct client interviews and document review to identify the current practices and policies of the company. It is concluded with a comprehensive report that is discussed in a final consultation with the client.

The cost varies based upon the scope of work. Please contact Jaenene more information.

Employee Handbook Program

The Handbook Program provides custom tailored policies and expert guidance in making policy decisions that best suit your organization. It includes the development of a New Employee Handbook that contains key employment policies and essential preventive devices. It also includes extensive consultation to customize the handbook policies to fit your needs, to discuss recommended changes and to plan implementation strategies. This service also includes JR Consulting delivering the training on the final version to the Executive Team, HR Department and Management staff in addition to the employees. This ensures that all levels of the organization understand the document and their responsibilities involved in maintaining and adhering to the policies in the document.

The cost varies based upon the scope of work. Please contact Jaenene for more information. A Review and Revision service is available.

On-Site Human Resource Consulting

This service is designed to free you from the burden of establishing and/or maintaining a human resource department. It can also be used on a temporary basis when you are searching for a permanent human resource manager. The service provides significant economic advantages and the actual services provided vary based upon your unique needs and desires. The on-site time is supplemented with off-site access to an assigned HR Professional to give you complete coverage.

Services can include:

  • Auditing of human resource functions
  • Implementation and maintenance of human resource infrastructure
  • On-going administration of the human resource department
  • Employee training
  • Personnel issue management including pre-termination reviews and exit
  • interviews
  • Guidance and support for management

Cost varies based upon the scope of work.

Safety Compliance

Many employers put together a basic safety plan and never look at it again while others don’t have any kind of Injury Illness Prevention Plan* (as required by The Occupational Safety Health Administration- OSHA) or Safety Handbook that they communicate to the employees. An OSHA violation can be very costly. JR Consulting can assist with various type projects in the safety area including:

  • An on-site inspection
  • Safety Handbook Review
  • Safety Process Questionnaire and Review
  • New Injury Illness Prevention Plans
  • Security Assessments
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention Training
  • Safety Training
  • Food Safety

*The type of plan you have may vary on your industry and company size. Per California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3203, all companies, regardless of size or industry,* must have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) which describes specific requirements for program responsibility, compliance, communication, hazard assessment, accident/exposure investigations, hazard correction, training, and record keeping.

I-9 Compliance

The Immigration Reform Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) was established to prevent individuals who are not eligible to work in the United States from performing work by requiring employers to verify and maintain documentation to insure compliance with this regulation. JR Consulting can help employers to make sure they are in compliance and maintain compliance by providing the following:

Conduct I-9 Audit

  • Audit all current 1-9 for all active employees that include a review of each I-9 form and any supporting documents for accuracy, errors, authenticity and current status.
  • Audit (as needed) I-9 for any terminated employees.
  • Develop a spreadsheet with all the data from the documents in regard to expiration dates, missing information, errors or concerns.
  • Report of Findings
  • Develop an action plan to correct deficiencies and assist in the obtaining the proper data if needed

Customized Employee Training

When you want more than online training options and want control over the subject matter for your people, we offer customized live training programs. Some of the training we specialize in:

  • Harassment Prevention (AB1825 required training for CA
  • employers/supervisory level)
  • Respect in the Workplace (for all employees)
  • Safety Training
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention Training
  • For Restaurants (ABC and Servsafe training)

Cost varies based upon the scope of work.

Examples of other Available Services

  • Job Description and Job Classification Reviews
  • And much more

Cost varies based upon the scope of work.