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No War! Stay With Ukraine

Dear Friends! Ukrainian need our help right now! Every little donation will save a life and give hope! Donation wallets: Bitcoin: bc1q5jzk5xxez7xke82g4fslk2gaevx2syzyrx8vt9 Ethereum: 0xe8d995F329a2845628D747636738239Aa8A194A6 TRC20 – Tether USDT/TRON/USDC: TFtSZZ1d5FDKs3SXHvZPnTqXkbfvaCmQsb ERC20 – Tether USDT/USDC: 0xe8d995F329a2845628D747636738239Aa8A194A6 Litecoin: ltc1q27envtwjk25lz0pgzafn5ugwgrmp4q5dp3fuql Dogecoin: DJLfx2jvqS7t7DPdkqU39LUeoPP9LvioPb
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Welcome to My First Blog!

Okay, I finally did it. While I would not describe myself as a conformist by any means, I have given into the "new age" and started this Blog. Why? Well, I think the major reason is it seems easier to communicate all the information that I have to share with clients, business associates, friends, etc., in this type format. This is not to say that I will stop contacting you with a good old phone call, e-mail or traditional newsletter…

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